Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009...

Today is "Random Fact Thursday," so I figured it would be fitting to have my random facts relate to 2009. Here is a list of 10 firsts from 2009:

*I've been to New York City a number of times, but I participated in two firsts while I was there this summer.

First, I saw a play on Broadway. You would think with a Theatre Minor, I'd have seen a bunch of shows, but I never went to one when I was in NYC before. This summer we saw West Side Story in third row loge seats, and I loved every minute of it.

(Times Square after show)

Second, we went to see the Statue of Liberty. I not only saw the statue, but I got to climb up to the crown. I highly recommend buying the crown tickets, because we got the VIP treatment and were ushered past hundreds of people waiting in the heat to go to the base of the statue.

(Walking down the spiral staircase in the crown)

*I attended the Kenyon Review Writers Conference. This was one of the best weeks of the year. I got to live among 60+ other writers for eight days doing nothing but supporting each other and the work we were producing. I just submitted my confirmation that I will be going back this summer, and I can’t wait!

*I saw Coldplay live. I see a lot of concerts. I love going to concerts (in fact, I have four coming up during the next three months), but there’s a list of performers I want to see and Coldplay was at the top of the list. Their show was awesome (even if they sang one of my favorite songs “The Scientist” acoustic in the crowd and they were right above me, so I could only see it on the jumbotron). This year I need to figure out how to see U2, Van Morrison and The Shins (which is especially hard since U2 is done performing their last tour…boo!).

*I was a godmother for the first time. I'm godmother to my cousin's adorable daughter Kate. My mom, main squeeze and I made the eight hour drive to Pennsylvania for the christening. It was also my cousin's birthday that weekend, so she rented sumo suits and my family wrestled sumo style in her back yard!

(My family sumo wrestling!)

*I went to Arizona. It was just a short weekend trip, but we got to go hiking up in the canyons and it was simply beautiful. I think I’d be in amazing shape if I had scenery like that to walk through every day.

(The canyon we hiked through)

*I turned 30, and while I had grand ideas to stay “29 Forever,” I’ve liked my first year in the new decade. My main squeeze threw a surprise party that really did surprise me, and I got to celebrate with a lot of great friends and family.

*My mom returned to Florida with my main squeeze and I. We used to go every year, but she hadn’t gone since my grandparents passed away. My Aunt owns the house now, and the four of us spent spring break knitting by the pool during the day (well, not my main squeeze, he just relaxed) and eating our way through the city by night! We already have tickets to go back this April.

(The deep end of the glorious pool at my Aunt's house)

(My mom and I at the Botanical Gardens in Stuart, Florida)

*My good friend Jen got married, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the wedding party. It was an amazing wedding and she was a beautiful bride! I also got to witness the marriage of two other good friends this year (they were both beautiful brides too!)

*I’ve started house hunting. This might not seem like a big deal because I’m still looking, but it is HUGE because once I have a house, I’ll be able to have a dog. And if you haven’t caught on yet through comments I’ve made in my blog, I’m obsessed with dogs. I can’t have one in my condo, but here’s to hoping 2010 brings a house where I can have as many dogs as I want (okay, I’ll just get one, but the thought that I can get one hundred when I own a house is pretty exciting!).

*Oh yes, and we can’t forget that I got an AGENT for my book! This has been a long year of writing, revising and wishing. It’s all paid off, because I’m now represented by Lina Sion from Global Literary Management. Here’s to hoping at the end of 2010, I’ll be able to say that I have an editor for my book!

What about you? What are some of the firsts that happened for you in 2009????


Melissa said...

Firsts for me in 2009? I bought my first condo. I'm living alone for the first time ever. My full MS was requested by agents three times in one day. I escaped Alcatraz. I started a blog...erm, I'm sure there's far more haha happy new year!

Kristan said...

YAY Kenyon! I did that in 2009 too, hehehe. Too bad we didn't meet up there. Btw, what did you read on your reading night?? Maybe I'd remember that. I read the (first) story about the dead deer (that turned out to be pregnant).

Congrats on the agent and a great 2009. I hope 2010 is fabulous for both of us! :D

Rachele Alpine said...


Maybe we'll meet up at Kenyon if you come back in the future. I just e-mailed Anna to tell her I'm coming back this year...yay! I do remember your story b/c the other deer story was from my group (who would have thought there would be two deer stories!). Well...I was the very last person to go, and let's just say my story was about a girl and a boy and a fun house. I still can't believe I read it in front of everyone!

Rachele Alpine said... had some big firsts! I can't wait to own my own place! It would be so fun to decorate, paint and do what you want without worrying about the landlord. Congrats on the three full requests in one must have been ecstatic!

Kaitlin Ward said...

Sounds like an awesome year. I hope you get your book deal in 2010!