Thursday, December 10, 2009

30 Random Facts....

Since my last post had to do with using your life as inspiration for your work, I thought it would make sense to reveal a little about my life in this post (which, by the way, is nothing like Kate’s life, although I did grow up around basketball).

I’ve come up with thirty random facts about me. Why thirty facts? Well, read on and when you get to number thirty, you’ll understand!

Thirty Random Facts About Me:

1) My name is pronounced “Rachel.” It’s just spelled with an extra “e.” My parents put it there. It hangs out at the end of my name and doesn’t do much but confuse people on the pronunciation!

2) I have an abnormal talent of keeping my tennis shoes clean. I try to get them dirty, but they refuse. I even had a pair that I wore when I taught in Costa Rica (through the rain forests), and they still looked brand new!

3) I hate eggs. No, scratch that, I despise them. I hate the smell, the look, the feel…everything! I won’t even eat yellow cake because it reminds me of eggs.

4) I have an ironing obsession. I iron everything. I’ll iron my pajama pants, my jeans, even a scarf. If I go on a long car ride, I’ll hang my shirt up and put it on when I get there so it doesn’t get wrinkled.

5) I hit the ceiling of my car every time I see a pididdle.

6) I have never seen any of the Star Wars movie. I saw a picture Jaba the Hut when I was little, and I was so scared that I refused to watch the movies.

7) Santa Claus scared me when I was little. I used to hide under my covers on Christmas Eve because I was terrified of this man who was going to sneak into my house.

8) I have a super weird memory for random items. For example, I can remember things people wore or ate at certain events years later.

9) My mind goes faster than my fingers do when I write and I stink at proofreading...forgive my errors on this blog! Luckily, I have great beta readers who catch it all! ;)

10) When I was little, I had a crush on Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

11) I’ve only tried chicken wings three times in my life. I hate eating meat off the bone.

12) I summer camped for nine years and then was a counselor for four years.

13) I hardly ever wear socks. I don’t like the feel of them.

14) I had to go to speech therapy for eight years, but now I have a theatre minor. Somehow I learned how to talk clearly!

15) I used to think that a unicorn lived in the woods by my house. I would stare out the window at night waiting for it to come into my backyard. Big surprise, it never did!

16) I hate to drive. I drove eighty-eight miles a day to and from work for six years. Now I try to get other people to drive.

17) I sleep with my bedroom door locked. I’m not sure who I think is going to creep in, but I freak out if it’s unlocked.

18) I had a Michael Jackson Barbie doll. He had a red leather jacket and a glove.

19) I've played on an adult kickball team.

20) David Spade makes me mad. I don’t know why. When I see him on TV, I have to turn the channel and I get in a bad mood.

21) My face is covered in freckles. When I was little, I used to pour over the ones on my arms and legs, hoping it would be in the shape of something. I desperately wanted a freckle in the shape of a heart.

22) I got in trouble when I was little because I used to steal flowers form people’s gardens, wrap them in ribbon and leave them on other people’s doorsteps.

23) I’m legally blind in one eye, but my vision is so good in my other eye that I don’t need glasses (although I often wear a pair because I think it looks cool and intellectual!).

24) I had a pet rat when I was younger that I named Bastian Balthazar Bux (after a character from my favorite movie, The Neverending Story). I had to keep him in the basement, and I used to be scared to go down there alone.

25) My sister and I weren’t allowed to have sugar cereals, but Santa allowed us a box every year on Christmas. It would be under the tree wrapped up. It was the first gift I would open.

26) I have a phrase that I say whenever I travel and the plane is taking off. I feel like if I don’t say the phrase over and over, the plane will crash.

27) Speaking of planes, I was supposed to fly to Costa Rica two days after September 11. I went eight days later, and I was out of the country for three months. It was a strange time to be in a different country.

28) I could eat sushi for every meal. If I don’t have it at least once a week, I go through sushi withdrawal. I've been to Japan and ate my weight in sushi there, but nothing is as good as the little hole in the wall about ten minutes from my condo.

29) Sometimes I’ll drive past my development to keep listening to a song I like on the radio.

30) I made a goal with myself when I was young that I would be published by the time I was 30. I may not make that goal (my 31st birthday is February 2), but this goal is what got my querying my novel. Thank god for goals!

Whew! That’s a lot of random facts! What about you? What is a really good random fact about you? For every random fact you share, I’ll share another about me (and I got a ton!).


Kristan said...

YAY for #30! :D

(PS there are some typos and stuff -- like, I doubt you're legally blind in one year -- but it's just a blog, no biggie. :))

Amna said...

Those are some pretty awesome random facts!

Kaitlin Ward said...

Love the random facts! I don't like eating chicken off the bone either. I always use a fork if I eat wings, which I'm pretty sure defeats the purpose (and makes my boyfriend glower and mutter...)

Rachele Alpine said...


I am notorious for not reading over my work. I've changed my random facts to reflect that! Luckily, I have some great beta readers who catch my mistakes when my mind goes faster than my fingers!

Kate said...

I was really confused why your life was not like mine. LOL

What's a pididdle?

Rachele Alpine said...

A pididdle is a car with only one headlight. You're supposed to hit the ceiling of the car when you see one. I'll do it even if no one else is in the car with me!

Kendra S-L said...

So excited for you and your publishing prospects, Rachele spelled with an E!

I always love hearing about your and Amanda's mischief-making as wee Alpine lassies.

I shall add this feed to my iGoogle.

Rachele Alpine said...

So one of my oldest friends wrote me an e-mail about a random fact I left out...

My friend, her sister, my sister and I wanted to start a band when we were in fifth or sixth grade called the Black Cats. The sole purpose of starting the band was so we could wear neon striped lycra, which our parents wouldn't allow! We dreamed big, the four of us! Nothing like four girls meowing out tunes in neon lycra!

Lisa and Laura said...

I just can't get over the fact that you like ironing. Dude, that is weird.

Hmm...random fact about us? The biggest fight Laura and I ever got into was over a cordless phone. I ended up breaking it over her head and we buried it together by the train tracks behind our house so we wouldn't get in trouble. My mom spent years looking for that phone.

AchingHope said...

Ahahahaha... #7. I am so glad my parents didn't do Santa, or I would have been scarred for life.

Do you think I could use #15 as a story idea? Only if you're not, because I got this super clear image in my head of a little girl staring out of the window, and it's raining outside... Anyway. But I didn't want to steal anythhing from you or anything, so I figured I'd ask. But I have loads of other ideas if not, and I'm super cool with that.

Rachele Alpine said...

AchingHope....Of course you can use #15 as a story idea! If you do come up with something, send it to me...I'd love to read it!

AchingHope said...

Yay! Thank you :) I will send it to you when I finish it.